1. Pick an Antenna for Starters

If you are going to start off cutting the cord, might as well get access to all the free channels that you get from getting a good reliable digital antenna. Click on our antenna section above (Antennas for Cord Cutters) to find out more.

  1. Check your Internet speed and enhance if necessary

It is important to know your Internet speeds if you are going to be streaming high resolution video content. If necessary, upgrade your service by shopping around to find the best deals. We will have more of the 411 in our Internet connectivity section.

  1. Pick a Streaming Device

In order to stream live video content, you will need a device to broadcast it on such as your TV, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV. For more information click above in the device section to get the full skinny.

  1. Pick a Streaming Service(s)

Alright so you have the antenna, good Internet, and a streaming device. Your streaming device should come with many preloaded streaming apps. Pick the service that is going to best suit your needs. Most services already offer free trials, to help us budget minded folks make the most informed decision.

We understand for many of us this will come as a big change. However, the only way for us to know if this is going to be a good fit is to try. Although most will find that you will never look back, the same video content you were watching on cable TV is now offered to you on your streaming device and services. Congratulations!