If you are looking for a device where you can access your local channels…look no further, then Sling TV’s very own cord cutting device AirTV. Sling TV is hoping to compete with other devices on the market such as Roku, Amazon, and Apple TV. So essentially, AirTV will be the only box that offers what none of the others have so far the combination of the TV Tuner for local channel access in conjunction with live streaming TV.

The Cost?

The AirTV Player costs $99.99 and will allow you access to Netflix, Sling TV, and Google Play. This will not include the local channels. For that you need to purchase the AirTV adapter for $39.99 and a digital antenna of your choice to be granted all the local live channels such as: ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC.

Is AirTV better then the rest…

AirTV has the OTA(Over  the Air) local channels that the other devices do not offer of course. It also has 4K video capabilities, voice search via it’s remote, and a large variety of Google play apps to select.


The airTV’s version of Sling TV does not allow you to pause or rewind live TV and it doesn’t offer DVR functionality. This could be something that could change in the near future. It also leans to heavily towards Sling TV as its default software.


We can not reiterate this enough…the one thing AirTV has that beats out all of its competitors is it’s HD antenna integration. Yes, you have to spend the extra $39.99 for the AirTV adapter but as soon as you hook it up. AirTV can literally find all your OTA channels in a few minutes. Once completed the channels become part of your Sling TV experience.

As a stand along box AirTV is most certainly capable without the excitement of the features of the other boxes. But if you are simply cord cutter who advocates for local channels in a easy interface then look no further.