Why HDTV Atennas?

Yes, believe it or not antennas are a huge part in the life of a cord cutter. Moreover, being budget conscious individuals as we are, in this new life as cord cutters, are start should be in buying an antenna. Modern antennas do not look like the old rabbit ear type of old but now come in every shape and size. With an antenna purchase, you will be able to pick up 30+ channels for free. Also, most of those channels are FREE in HD so you can get the most basic shows and be able to watch ABC, CBS, NBC, and live sports free with a easy antenna purchase.

The number of channels you get of course depends on where you live. Fortunately https://antennaweb.org/ is a good resource to use to see what channels will be available to you by putting in your zip code.

As far as antenna purchases are concerned, it is probably best to not purchase anything too pricey and not to cheap either but a mid-priced digital antenna should do the trick. We can all rest assure that most of the antennas on the market are very reliable and durable and will last you many years.