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There are many major options for live streaming TV for all you Cord cutters out there such as SlingTV, Fubo, etc. However, today we will be talking about DirecTV Now initially launched as live streaming service in 2016.

DirectTV’s cheapest package is $40/month with 65+ channels including the likes of ABC, ESPN, TNT, and many more.

If you wish to upgrade their are packages at $55/month for 85+ channels, $65/month for 105 channels, and $75/month for 125+ channels.

So…what is DirecTV Now exactly.

DirecTV to put it plainly folks is a internet based live and on-demand TV Streaming service, that allows subscribers to access their favorite shows or movies from any type of device such as a Tablet, cell phone, or TV’s. No need for cable boxes and wires all that is needed is a compatible device and downloading the app.

For many people making the transition from traditional coaxial cable to cutting the cord DIRECTV NOW makes a good and effortless transition for most because it service provides many of the same channels as cable for a fraction of the price.

No contract is required to get their service and all you would need to do is sign up to their subscription like Netflix and have a internet connection and you are all set and ready to go.

Where can you watch it?

DirecTV for now is only accessible within the United States not including US territories. If you are travelling out of the United States, you will be prevented from watching DirecTV.

Subscription Fees

As of right now DirecTV operates on a fixed subscription-based structure like Netflix and Hulu. Depending on the package you sign up for you will have a predetermined set of channels you can peruse.

In comparison to other live TV services DirecTV is the one of the most expensive at $40 dollars as opposed to Sling TV at $20 dollars, and PlayStation Vue at $39.99.


With a price tag of $40/month with over 65+ channels offered this is the base starter package. We included the channels it includes below:


Being a step above package from Just a Little with a price tag of $55/month. Just right comes with over 85+ channels listed below:


If you’re the type that wants a more bang for your buck at $65/month with more premium entertainment content then Go Big may be the perfect fit for you as you can see below:


If you want the best maximum content Direct TV Now has to offer for $75/month you can get just that the Gotta Have it package.


Including both Spanish and English premium content for just $5 bucks more then the Live a Little package @ $45/month. Todo y MÁS includes the following channels:

Premium extras DirecTV offers

A big advantage DirecTV offers over its competitors is that it only charges $5/month for add-ons such as HBO, Cinemax, Starz and Showtime.


Direct TV Now has additional packages that caters to select international audiences including Vietnamese, Brazilian, and Korean which we be included on a current package or operate on its own. The Vietnamese package offers 9 channels at $20/month. Brazilizian TV at your fingertips 2 channels for $25/month. Lastly the Korean package offers 12 channels for $30/month.

Stream on more screens!

If you want to stream on two screens simultaneously their is no extra cost. However if you wish to stream on two screens simultaneously then it is an additional $5/month.

No Cable Set up…Yes!

Like many traditional TV services you do not need a installation tech cable person to set up your cable box or even a TV. All that is needed is a internet connection, device, and a subscription and it’s as simple as that.

Want to sign up here’s what you do…

If you want to sign up for the subscription on one of the packages just hop over to DirecTVNOW.com to get rolling you newbie. DirecTV is currently offering a 7 day free trial if you want to try out the subscription prior to enrolling. Once you have signed up you can download the app on the device of your preferential choosing.

Is it easy to cancel

You will be glad to know that canceling DirecTV is as easy as cancelling a Hulu subscription. Just requires going to “my account” settings, go to manage my plan, and scrolling until you see “cancel plan”. A great relief to many who fear being tied down by long term contracts.

What TV devices are compatible with DirecTV NOW?


Compatible with all the above Roku devices all that is needed is foryou the new cord cutter to download DIRECTV NOW.


Use the Siri remote to access your favorite TV shows and moves with the Apple TV. We have included the list of Apple TV devices compatible with DIRECT TV NOW.


No need to wait on your cable installation guy only immediate satisfaction to access a multitude of apps, games and channels.


Stream over 125 channels with your google chromcast.


Download DIRECT TV NOW on your Samsung TV to access over 125 channels.

Phones and Tablets

DirectTV Now can easily be downloaded as a app on your phone or tablet for live streaming content.

IPAD (ios 9+)

Iphone (ios 9+)

Ipod touch (ios 9+)

Android phones (4.4+)

Android tablets (4.4+)


If you prefer to watch movies and TV shows using a web browser on your labtop or desktop computer don’t fret all you need is Chrome 58+ or Safari 10+.


  • No annual contract
  • No satellite needed
  • No technician required
  • No extra fees


  • Most Expensive TV Streaming @ $40/month
  • Fast internet of at least 12Mbs to avoid connectivity issues
  • Not as many channels as conventional cable


DirectTV Now is offering a promotional one week free trial for those who wish to try it first without the commitment to pay. The sign up process requires that you input your credit card information, which will be charge once the promotional period ends. So make sure you calendar a reminder to yourself if you wish to cancel before you are charge.