What is the Downloader App on the Firestick?

download appThe Downloader App was originally created by Elias Saba from AFTVnews, which is now owned and managed by Troypoint.

It’s an app that is highly recommended for cord cutters due to all the awesome features it has. It allows you to basically

  • Surf different websites with a mouse cursor (Using the directional circle keypad on your Amazon remote to operate it)
  • Download files, install, keep them stored on your device (Specifically APK, Android files)

Essentially, the main purpose was to make downloading and installing files easier since it was quite an issue back then with the alternatives. It made everything so much convenient for sideloading unofficial third-party applications.

Here is a small list of programs you can sideload using the “Downloader App”.
(Some of these listed are officially available on the Firestick Appstore now)

  • Kodi 18.1
  • Firestarter
  • IPVanish
  • Aptoide
  • Pluto TV

Here is a list of popular Android files people have installed (just to name a few)

  • TeaTV
  • Freeflix
  • Showbox
  • TVZion
  • Appflix
  • Popcorntime
  • Bobby Movie
  • Livenet TV
  • Pocket TV
  • Stremio

As you can see there are more than 10+ android applications you can download and install from this list. This made it more of a reason for people to sideload applications.

The program itself is very small and extremely easy to use. There is an option to donate to the creator or owner of the “Downloader App” on the main screen of the app.

So, if you like or love using it, take a moment to donate. Of course, it’s not necessary to do so.

Downloader App: How to Install Guide

Here are the steps required to install the “Downloader App”. It’s located within the Amazon Appstore, so it’s easy to find.

Go to your Amazon home screen

start at amazon home screenSelect Search Search download app; select get itSelect the Search Icon

downloader app: select searchOPTION 1: Type in Downloader, then select downloader as it appears.
OPTION 2: Hold the Alexa Voice Activation button (Top of Remote), then say “Downloader”

downlloader app; type in downloaderSelect Downloader

downloader app: select downloader

Select Get It

download app; select get it

Select Open

download app; select open

Done. This is the homepage of the Downloader App on a Firestick

downloader app on firestick

How to use the “Downloader App”

As we stated above, there were only two reasons to use the Downloader app which are

  1. Surf the web via its browser
  2. Download and install third-party applications (APK files)

So we’re going to show you how to utilize the browser, download, then install a file which essentially is called “Sideloading”.

The interface is really easy to explain. The menu is on the left (orange) and everything else on the right is whatever menu section you are on.

  • Home – Main screen of Downloader App
  • Browser – Browser Version
  • Files – File Manager
  • Favorite – Favorite Bookmarks to Websites
  • Settings – Adjust your settings
  • Help – Additional helpful information

How to Sideload APK using the Downloader App

Before we start, make to sure to Javascript is activated. The program we are demonstrating is how to install Kodi onto your Firestick using downloader app.

  • On the Downloader App, Select Settings then make sure the “Enable Javascript” has a checkmark stating that it’s On

enable javascript on downloader app

Select Browser on the Menu

downloader app home screen

Scroll up (with directional pad on remote) to the URL section

Enter http://kodi.tv/download

Enter http://kodi.tv/download

Select “Go”

Select "Go"

Scroll until you see “Android”

Scroll until you see download

Scroll until you see the download section, select ARMV7A (32bit)

Let it finish downloading

After it finished downloading, it has an auto-install function enable that opens the file.
Select “Install”

The app is now installed, you can select done or open

Opening the app (Kodi 18.2)

Deleting Downloaded Files

The Firestick has only 8 gigs of space, so if you’re downloading a crapload of the files on Download App. You may want to delete some of the files.

Here are the steps on deleting files on your Firestick from your downloader app.

Select Files

select files

Select the file you wish to delete, then press the menu button on your remote

amazon remote menu button

Select Delete

select delete

That’s pretty much it. Just make sure to delete your files from time to time to keep the space on your Firestick low, especially if you tend to download often.