What is Google Chromecast – Review

Falls in line with the list of already established media players on the marketplace except this one is design by the gigantic tech behemothGoogle. Acting as a transmitter between your TV and your video streaming device like a antenna or cable box. Although much smaller and probably more functional than other streaming services it looks like a small dongle that plugs in the back of your TV.

Simply put Chromecast is your gateway for all our mobile streaming apps to be cast/mirrored to your Television. Using Google Chromecast allows you to broadcast Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, etc on your video streaming device. To put it simply you just plug it into your TV to be granted easy access to various streaming services. It is similar in function to Apple TV or Amazon Fire stick although functions more closely with the Google chrome browser being able to broadcast on your TV.

What do I need to Run it?

All that is required to get this baby up and running is a TV with a spare HDMI port, good wifi and computer/phone using the Home app from google. After it is plugged it can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet (sorry folks google just made remotes obsolete).

How much does it Costs?

A regular Chromecast costs $35 and a Chromecast Ultra costs $59. A very cheaper alternative to the expensive streaming boxes on the market currently. Also, it is very inconspicuous as it can hide safely behind your Television set.

The Good

  • Fast Performance
  • Couch Casting
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy User Interface
  • Can mirror mobile device screens and display Chrome tab

The Ugly

  • No physical remote sorry folks have to use your phone
  • Still slow and glitchy

Design or Hardware

As we said early Google Chromecast looks like a circular dongle that fits in the HDMI port in the back of your TV. It has a small letter “G” on the dongle for the Google logo. The Chromecast dongle also has a small button on it that when pressed will allow you to reboot the device if needed.


Remember now to interact with Google Chromecast you aren’t going to using a remote. Come on folks we are in the future now. You are not required to download the Google Home App and interact with Googe Chromecast using the app. Using the Google Home App you can “cast” whatever you want to watch from your phone to your TV in a mirror like fashion.