Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote

The Amazon Fire TV products are some of the best starter hardware for beginners to even hardcore cord cutters. It provides a means to access streaming applications that would allow you watch the same content found on cable subscription services.

However, the only and most common issue that fire TV stick owners experience is that the remote occasionally un-syncs or never really syncs correctly in the first place. This makes you think that the remote just isn’t working any more!

On top of that, it doesn’t even show any type of light indicator to tell you if it’s a battery issue either.

amazon-remote-no-light-pairing remoteMost of the time, the issues can easily be resolved with a fresh set of batteries because the device does indeed use a lot of power, especially when attempting to re-sync the remote to your device.

If the remote doesn’t work after inserting new batteries, we’ll show you how to pair your Amazon Fire TV remote with your stick, or any of Amazon streaming devices (Cube, TV, etc)

Firestick Remote Pairing Guide

Make sure you do have a fresh set of battery inserted as it does require a lot of power to pair it again. It’s not necessary but at least you’ll know it’s not because of the batteries when trying.

Pairing Instructions

  1. Turn on your Fire TV stick by unplugging then re-plugging the power wire from device
  2. Point remote at the device, then press & hold the home button on your remote for 10 seconds according to Amazon (we recommend at least 12-15 seconds)
  3. You should see a message on the bottom right corner of screen indicating the pairing was successful.
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 2 if you never see the successful pairing message.

In our experience, its going to take a few tries but it will eventually pair if nothing is wrong with the remote.

The remote isn’t by any means the best on the market. It does its job well and well enough. However, it does leave a lot to be desired and there are other, better alternative options you can use instead of the OEM remote.

👉 Best Replacement Remotes for Fire TV stick

Pairing Alternative Remote to Firestick
(Bluetooth Method)

This would require that you have a working remote. However, once you have the bluetooth feature turned on and alternative remote paired. You are good to go on using the alternative remote, whenever, wherever.

  1. Turn on the bluetooth option on bluetooth remote/keyboard/control.
  2. Scroll to settings and click “Controllers & Bluetooth Devices”
  3. Click “Other Bluetooth Devices”
  4. Click “Add Bluetooth Devices”
  5. Your Fire TV device will start searching for the nearest bluetooth device. Select the appropriate device and it will finish pairing
  6. DONE!

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