How to Watch Game of Thrones Online

If you haven’t seen it then you must ask yourself exactly what rock have you been under dear friend. Good news is this article is going to give you the redemption we hope you be craving so that you can binge all you want.

This great HBO series is based off the books of George R. Martin. It describes a medieval fantasy epic between powerful families in the fictional kingdom of Westeros.

We are going to provide you several ways to watch it online. HBO exclusively airs Game of Thrones on the HBO Network. HBO has two subscriptions: The first being HBO Go for people who already have cable and want to log in online via their computer, tablet, and phone. HBO Now for the cord cutters who have a separate subscription altogether just for HBO where they can log in to watch HBO via their phone, tablet, computer, or TV.

HBO Now allows you to sign up for a online account to watch all HBO content from the device of your choosing that permits the app. They are offering a free trial now for 7 days and then $14.99/month. If you wish to initiate this binge of one of TV’s most popular TV Show. We are Smashcablenow most certainly recommend that you take advantage of the initial trial period. Of course keep in mind with the subscription you are not locked into a long term contract and there are no hidden fees. So you will be able to cancel your subscription anytime at your own convenience.


HBO Now can be watched on many smart devices including:

As you can see there are many options to choose from to watch depending on your device. After choosing the device as that is required is to simply download the app from the device and sign in.

Digital Downloads

Many folks prefer a digital copy to have on file for safe keeping. If that is that way you want to go episodes and seasons can be downloaded from Google Play, iTunes, Fandango Now, Vudu, Playstation, Microsoft store, and Amazon.


Game of Thrones is an exhilarating fantasy show that has plenty of suspense and unpredictability that will keep you very interested throughout. We hope you enjoy.