Star Wars Rebel

The series you love to hate or love to love…there is no contesting from the international audience of loyal fans that Star Wars is not to be messed with.

Its many films, Toys, Video games, and the countless other media outlets that seems to hypnotize its audiences with its stories. The franchise has endured for over 40 years and continues to WOW audiences and has no sense of waning anytime in the near future.

Disney delivers well with their new American 3D CGI animated series.

The story taking place fourteen years after Revenge of the Sith and five years before a New Hope or in Laymans terms the time period between Vader and Luke Skywalker. The Empire is on the hunt for the last remaining Jedi Knights while a small rebellion begins to take form against the forces of the Empire.



How and Where do we Watch Star Wars Rebels…

✅Sling TV 

sling-tv-logoWith Disney XD with Sling TV as part of the “Kids Extra” add-on. “Kids Extra” costs $5 / month and you get 8 extra kids channels including TeenNick, NickToons, Nick Jr., Boomerang, Disney Junior, and more. You can add “Kids Extra” to Sling Orange ($20/month) or Sling Blue ($25/month).

Sling TV offers a Free Trial if you want to it out as well.

✅ DirecTV Now

directv logoDefinitely one of the most popular streaming services for live TV out there is DirectTV Now. Using multiple devices with the option to records LIVe TV via DVR. The Price for Direct TV Now is at $35/month, but without doubt has one of the best services available to watch Star Wars: Rebels.

DirecTV Now offers a FREE TRIAL if would like to test it out.

✅ Hulu w/ Live TV

hulu tv logoHulu is widely known to many for it streaming content throughout the years and is used by millions of people around the world. Hulu has the option now with Hulu Live TV starting at $40/month with Hulu w/ Live TV has many networks we are well familiar with available for streaming, including Disney XD. If you have Hulu already just go to your account settings to add Live TV to your service.

Hulu has been a staple of on-demand streaming for years and is already used in many homes around the world, and now the option exists to have Hulu with Live TV.

✅Playstation Vue

playstation vueFor gamers with a Playstation console or something similarly compatible then Playstation Vue can give you another option to watch Star Wars: Rebels online. All you would need to do is jump out of a game of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 into an episode of Star Wars: Rebels, enough said.

✅ Youtube TV

youtube on firestickYes, we said it as we are sure many of you already know Youtube now offers Live TV known as Youtube TV 50 channels at $35/month. Disney XD and Star Wars: Rebels will be included with the service.

✅ Disney Now

Will be your first stop to stream Star Wars: Rebels with season 4 currently available on the service. This service will require that you have a cable provider to use it. Otherwise, it’s free and will allow you unlimited streaming on all your streaming devices.

Download individual episodes or Seasons

✅ Amazon Prime

amazon prime

✅ Google Play Store

google playstore



✅ ITunes

ituines logoAs vast as the Star Canon is and continues to continually exceed our expectations you will find many of ways and options to watch this show and your favorite heroes duking it out against the forces of the Empire. With so many steaming to pick from all we have to do is sit back and enjoy. May the force be with you.