When all your favorite shows have ended (i.e. Breaking Bad Sons of Anarchy) or are approaching that inevitable closure (Game of Thrones), we have the Walking Dead to thank and rely on to give us an endless more extensive content from which to bing our little lives away.

The Walking Dead is on Season 9 now and continues to develop in complexitity as the characters continually face their most difficult challenges in this post apocalyptic world. If you need to catch up you by far the easiest option you have is Netflix. On Netflix you can watch seasons 1- 8.

The other option for cord cutters is to watch TWD directly through AMC. Now don’t Fret we know when you go to AMC they start asking for your cable log info. Not necessary at all if you have a subscription to the following services: Philo TV, DirecTV, Sling TV, FuboTV, & Playstation Vue.

Philo TV

By far the least expensive way for only $16 dollars a month. Philo delivers 43 channels to your Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, web, iOS, and Android Chrome. Seeing that we need AMC to watch Walking Dead this is by default the most cost effective option. Philo currently offers a 7 day trial for new subscribers, although you must make sure you cancel a little early to avoid being charge a free trial.

Direct TV

AMC is offered on Direct TV at $40/month with 65 plus channels. It also includes a 7 day free trial subscription.

Sling TV

AMC is included as part of the subscription for Sling TV for $25/month under the Orange plan. This plan includes 30 plus channels. Sling also has a 7 day free trial as part of their subscription just be sure to cancel before your time is up.

Fubo TV

Playstation Vue

As part of Playstation Vue’s Access plan at 44.99/month and an estimated 48 channels includes AMC. Although Playstation Vue only offers a 5 day free trial.