youtube on firestickYouTube is one of the biggest media platforms in the world with over 30 million visits a day and 1.8 billion monthly logged-in users, according to Business Insider.

It would be crazy to not have YouTube on your phone or any other media device, right?

So, with Amazon being one of the biggest tech giants in the world, they decided to pull nearly everything related to Google from their Fire OS devices. This includes the popular Fire TV media players and tablets.

Youtube, Google Home, and Chromecast have been missing from the Amazon Appstore since late of 2017.

Why did this happen?

Like anything in life, there’s always conflict when two big major powers have their egos hit. Though, the whole ordeal may have stemmed back from 2011, during the Amazon Appstore display.

Whatever the reasons may be, it’s just out of our control until they resolve the conflicts they have with one another.

In the meantime, we do have few ways of installing or watching Youtube on an Amazon Fire TV stick or Fire O/S related device!

UPDATES: April 18, 2019
Amazon and Google Press Release Announcement
The two tech giants have announced that YouTube will be officially coming back to all Fire OS devices. Amazon will also be adding Chromecast support to Amazon Prime Video app. However, there is no official date pending as of now so we may still need to rely on alternative means to watching YouTube on the Firestick until then.

3 Methods of Accessing YouTube on the Firestick

There are about 3 ways of accessing Youtube on the Firestick. It’s relatively easy to do as long as you follow the steps accordingly.

One would require installing alternative apps via the Amazon Fire Appstore or sideloading a third-party application. Choose and try the best method for your situation.

Method 1: Access YouTube Via Browser on Firestick

This is probably the easiest method of accessing YouTube without sideloading anything. You just need to download an official browser from the Amazon Fire Appstore.

Here are the 3 browser choices from best to least recommend.

  1. Firefox
  2. Mozilla
  3. Silk Browser

In the steps below, we’ll be using Firefox as the main example but you can plug and replace it with the browser of your choice.

Go to your Amazon home screen

youtube on firestick; home screen

Select the search icon on the left

downloader app: select search

Option 1: Use Alexa voice search (Microphone button on top of remote), say “Firefox”
Option 2: Type in Firefox, select Firefoxtype in firefox

Select the big Firefox box

select firefox on firestick

Select Get (Free to download)

select get it

Open up Firefox, then select the Youtube icon from the pinned tiles section!

YouTube on Firefox

youtube on firestick with firefox browser

Now you’re on the Youtube website, which looks good enough to watch all your YouTube content. It even looks like it could be an app too!

This is the best and easiest alternative to getting YouTube on the Firestick. However, there are still more methods below you could try out as well.

Method 2: Alternative YouTube Apps From the Amazon Appstore

There are a few different alternative YouTube apps from the Amazon Appstore. They work pretty well considering there isn’t an official Youtube app.

From a few weeks of using and testing the app, it does a pretty good for what it is.

Go to your Amazon home screen, select the search icon from the menudownloader app: select search

Type in Youtube or search using Alex search function
type in youtube

Here are the Youtube alternativesyoutube alternative

We prefer “Videos For Youtube”

videos for youtube

Method 3: Sideloading Smart YouTube TV Player

Method 4: Mirroring

(Coming soon)