Ultimate Jailbroken Device FAQ

Jailbreaking is still a very hot topic since the days of the iPhone craze. The term has carried over to other new devices since then.

This FAQ guide is here to help our reader answer any questions in regards to jailbreaking!

What does Jailbreaking Mean?

“Jailbreaking” is a series of actions needed to modify and remove any restrictions that are imposed by the manufacture.

A prime example would be the infamous Apple iPhones which paved the way for making the term Jailbreaking so popular.

It allowed you to install tons of COOL unofficially third party application and eye-pleasing customization that you otherwise couldn’t have.

Here is a nice official snippet from dictionary.com on “Jailbreak”

Jailbreak [ jeyl-breyk ] Noun

  1. an instance of gaining access to the operating system of a smartphone, tablet, etc.,especially one manufactured by Apple.
  2. software program or piece of hardware used to accomplish this:You’ll need jailbreak to run unauthorized apps.
  3. an instance of circumventing restrictions on access to any computer system or digitalcontent.

In context to cord-cutting, jailbroken has been loosely used on a popular cord cutting device called Amazon Fire Stick. We have a complete blog post on jailbreaking a firestick and how the term is wrongly used.

How to Jailbreak a Roku

Whether you’re a new or seasoned cord cutter, the word Jailbroken Firestick has been spreading around like a wildfire and you’ve heard about it at least once!

Since then, cord-cutters who happen to have a Roku instead are always asking the question if the Roku can be Jailbroken?

What does that even mean? To keep it real, you really want to be able to install software that can stream free pirate content.

As of right now, you can’t easily sideload software or jailbreak (gaining root access, removing software restrictions) with a Roku.

You can, however, mirror a device to your Roku. This would be the alternative way of this so called “jailbreaking a roku”

How to Mirror to Roku

We don’t condone jailbreaking or streaming pirated content but we can show you how to mirror to your Roku

What you do in the privacy of your own home is your business 🙂 We just want to provide you guides on the best ways of utilizing of your cord cutting hardware.