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What is Sling TV – Review

Sling TV is simply an online live TV streaming service that rivals some of the most popular cable services out there but with a much much lower monthly fee. It’s very similar to popular services as Netflix & Hulu, except that live content is delivered on top of Video on Demand content. 

Their basic package starts from a low price of $25.00 per month and upwards with no contact, making this one heck of alternative for the any cord cutter.

The service launched back in 2015 and has become a large powerhouse, scooping up cord cutters all around the world who hate paying the high cost of monthly service fees. 

They offer many different plans to accommodate different customer needs, add on packages, premium channels & additional cool features like Cloud DVR and countless hours of Video on Demand.

Sling TV subscription will require you to have some sort of streaming device that has the SlingTV app in order to stream. 

We’ll break down everything you need to know down below!

sling tv package review

Summary of What is SlingTV:

  • Launched in 2015 as an alternative to cable TV
  • Sling TV is a streaming internet service meaning that the service is delivered on the internet versus the traditional satellite and Cable TV
  • Lowest Plan starts at $25.00 with different tier packages, addons, premium channels, etc
  • Sling TV requires a media streaming device

Why Sling TV? Pros & Cons

To honest, there is going to be more pros than cons as we are geared toward cutting cable. However, we’ll list as many as we can to help you decide if Sling TV  is good option.

👍🏻 Pros

  • Cheaper than cable – No matter how you look at it, getting sling TV will ultimately be cheaper than your cable provider even with the highest sling TV tier package. The basic starter package starts at $25.00 per month. Average cable cost is well over $100.
  • No monthly contracts – Most cable services try to get you into some sort of 2 year plan, having the 1st year at a discounted rate. Might sound sweet in the beginning but they know they got you in their back pocket in the long run. No contracts with Sling TV
  • Use Multiple Devices – You can pretty much stream sling TV anywhere you have internet and the app, which means your phone, relatively cheap streaming device, tablet or computer. 
  • Tier packages (options)- You got options and they are straight forward. You won’t have some sort of sales representative negotiating which is the best bundle to have!
  • Catch a show you missed – It doesn’t work on all channels but some channels do have a 3-day replay feature. So you can replay that missed episode aired a couple days ago.
  • Cloud DVR – It doesn’t in use a traditional DVR hardware like cable but you do have an option to use a cloud DVR storage, which saved up to 50 hours of programming to your account. (May cost an extra $5.00 per month)
  • Free Trial for a week– So you can actually try out the Sling TV service for 7 days for free. If you don’t like then just make sure you cancel! However, is it really better going back to cable (lesser of the two evils)? Think about it 😛 


  • Not tech savvy –  Believe it or not, some of you guys just aren’t really tech savvy and that is ok. It becomes quite difficult if you aren’t able to figure out how to setup a media device or download apps on a phone. You’ll just end up getting more frustrated trying to figure things out. If you can use a smartphone then you are good to go, forget what I said!
  • No hand holding – Unfortunately, this might fall into the non-tech savvy crowd as well. A lot this cord cutting stuff really does rely on being able to set up your own equipment, accounts, login and anything tech related. You won’t have technician on the spot to help guide you through everything.
  • Really slow internet – One of the main issues that most streamers run into is connection quality and buffering. You really do need a fast internet connection to have that seamless viewing at all times. 
  • Local channels – Sling TV does offer local channels in some areas but not all areas! So you may need an HDTV antenna, which we recommend having anyways!

The Sling TV Packages

Alright! The cool options of selecting your own package based on what you really need! Sling TV has three tiered packages. They’re package of channels does change time to time, so you can actually directly check their current channel lineups here.

You can also add on additional addon bundles such as Spanish, comedy, cloud DVR, kids, sports, news, locals, premium, hollywood, etc. We’ll break it down below as well

Sling Orange ($25 Per month) 

This package has 30 channels including ESPN, DISNEY & more. This package only allows you to steam one device at any given time. It may work for a small household or single person, but you may need the blue package if you plan on  streaming 2 or more at the same time.

Sling TV - Orange Package
Sling TV – Orange Package

Sling Blue ($25 Per month) 

This package has 45 channels including FS1, FX & Bravo. Even though it’s the same price and has more channels,  some of the channels do not overlap. You won’t have ESPN or the Disney channel. However, you can stream up to 3 devices on this package deal.

sling tv blue package
Sling TV – Blue Package

Sling  Blue + Orange ($40 Per month) 

This is the option of buying both packages together, so you’ll have the combine resources of both packages (52 channels). You’ll spend about $10.00 less with having both and still pay less than cable!

Sling TV - Orange = Blue Package
Sling TV – Orange = Blue Package

What Channels on Sling TV Packages?

We made a table for an easy to see side by side comparison of the channels you can get with each tiered package. It seems like it caters to 3 different groups of cable audiences. 

ChannelsSling Orange
$25.00 a month
Sing Blue
$25.00 a month
Sling Orange & Blue
$40.00 a month
7 Day Free TrialFree Trial!Free Trial!Free Trial!
ACC Network Extra✔️❎✔️
AXS TV✔️✔️✔️
BBC America✔️✔️✔️
BET❎ ✔️✔️
Bloomberg TV✔️✔️✔️
Bravo❎ ✔️✔️
Cartoon Network✔️✔️✔️
Comedy Central✔️✔️✔️
Disney Channel✔️✔️✔️
El Rey Network✔️✔️✔️
ESPN 2✔️❎✔️
ESPN 3✔️❎✔️
Food Network✔️✔️✔️
Fox (Select Markets)❎✔️✔️
Fox Sports Network (Select Markets)❎✔️✔️
Fox Sports 1❎✔️✔️
Fox Sports 2❎✔️✔️
Local Now✔️✔️✔️
National Geo Wild❎✔️✔️
National Geographc❎✔️✔️
NBC (Select Markets)❎✔️✔️
NBC Sports Network (Select Markets)❎✔️✔️
NFL Network❎✔️✔️
Nick Jr.❎✔️✔️
Travel Channel✔️✔️✔️
USA Network❎✔️✔️

Sling TV Add-ons Packs

The add-ons pack are something we really love about the Sling TV service. It provides you the ability to personalize your streaming packages by adding genre-specific channels that you like & intend to actually watch.

Unlike cable, where you’re bloated with tons of extra channels you probably wouldn’t even use anyways. Just pay for channels you will be using!

Each add on package starts off a $5.00 or more depending on the genre you decide to add on. We’ll also list a side by side comparison of what is added since the added channels do vary base the tier package you have (Sling Orange, Sling Blue or Sling Orange & Blue)

  • News
  • Lifestyle 
  • Locals
  • Premiums
  • Hollywood
  • Heartland
  • International
  • Espanol
  • Comedy
  • Kids
  • Cloud DVR

News Extra ($5.00 a month)

The news extra package will provide you with more breaking news and in-depth reports. You’ll find a range of international news channels & documentaries to select from.

The add on channels will vary depending oh the tier package you have. If offers 9 to 13 different channels.

📺 ChannelsSling OrangeSling Blue
BBC World News✔️✔️
NDTV (24x7)❎✔️

Lifestyle extra

📺 ChannelsSling OrangeSling Blue
Cooking Channel✔️✔️
DIY Network✔️✔️
Hallmark Channel✔️✔️
Lifetime Movies✔️✔️
Hallmark - Mysteries✔️✔️
Hallmark - Drama✔️✔️
E! Channel❎✔️


Premiums (A La Carte)

Hollywood Extra ($5.00 a month)

  • Fandor
  • Reelz
  • HDNet  Movies
  • Sundance TV
  • TCM Turner Classic Movies
  • Film Detective

Heartland ($5.00 a month)

  • World Fishing Network
  • Sportsman Channel
  • Outdoor Channel
  • RideTV
  • RfdTV
  • Pixl
  • Cowboy Channel
  • AHC (American Heroes)
  • Destination America

International ($5.00 a month)

  • Globo
  • MBC
  • Sony
  • Welt
  • Willow
  • Zeecinemalu




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